Tunes – לחנים

This is my first crack at providing some tunes. My intention is to provide you with some basics to get you started on singing and enjoying the siddur and haggadah as much as I do. I’m starting off small. First, a disclaimer: I’m not a musician (not singer or composer), so the audio isn’t great and the sheet music may contain minor errors. I hope to soon enlist my friends and family, singers and composers, to assist me in this effort (and improve the quality of what’s available here *GRIN*) but until that time, this will have to do. Second, a call for assistance: I don’t know who composed some of these melodies. If you know, please let me know so I can provide credit wherever possible. Thanks for your assistance. Now, on to the tunes.

Shalom Aleychem – שלום עליכם
Version Composer Finale PDF Midi MP3
Traditional Rabbi Israel Goldfarb Z”L .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Variation 1 Unknown .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Variation 2 Unknown .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Songs of Pessach – שירי פסח
E Title H Title Finale PDF Midi MP3
HaSeder הסדר .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Ha Lachma Anya הא לחמא עניא .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Ma Nishtanah מה נשתנה .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Avadim Hayinu עבדים היינו .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
V’hi Sheam’dah והיא שעמדה .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Dayenu דיינו .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Halleluyah הללויה .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
B’tzeit בצאת .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Eliyahu אליהו .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Ani Ma’min אני מאמין .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Chasal Sidur Pessach חסל סדור פסח .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
L’Shana Haba’ah לשנה הבאה .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Ki Lo Na’eh כי לא נאה .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Adir Hu אדיר הוא .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Echad Mi Yode’a – version 1 אחד מי יודע .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Echad Mi Yode’a – version 2 אחד מי יודע .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Echad Mi Yode’a – Harmony אחד מי יודע .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Chad Gadya חד גדיא .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Mai’al Pisgat מעל פסגת .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3
Hatikva התקוה .MUS .PDF .MID .MP3

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